Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Psalm 18.6-7, 16-20, Exodus 4.1-18, Mark 15.1-15 - Lectionary for 4/13/11

Today's readings are Psalm 18.6-7, 16-20, Exodus 4.1-18, and Mark 15.1-15.

Sometimes we will say that someone would "move heaven and earth" to accomplish something. In today's readings we see that God is the mover of heaven and earth. Our Lord moves heaven and earth to deliver his righteous people from the sinful world. He is so zealous for righteousness that he is not satisfied with the anything but perfection. Yet he so loves his creation that, at his own expense, he puts his righteousness on his people through faith in Jesus. We don't understand how this happens. We simply confess that it does happen. It's a miracle. But he moves heaven and earth to save us. As we move nearer the day of the crucifixion, Good Friday, we remember that it is our Lord who shakes the earth and tears the veil in the temple in two as Christ dies to bear the sin of the world and all its penalty. Yes, God is the one who will move heaven and earth to rescue his people from sin.

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