Friday, May 13, 2011

Psalm 107.23-32, Exodus 39.32-40.16, Luke 8.22-39 - Lectionary for 5/13/11

Today's readings are Psalm 107.23-32, Exodus 39.32-40.16, and Luke 8.22-39.

Observe in today's readings how on the one hand God chooses his priests because of who they are - descendants of Aaron - and on the other hand He has no regard for the individual qualities of the priests. They are priests because the are descendants of Aaron. But simply because they are descendants of Aaron they are priests. All of them are appointed for making sacrifices, making prayers on behalf of the people, and dispensing God's forgiveness.

Likewise we see in the New Testament that God chooses his servants not necessarily because of their qualifications. The qualifications for elders are really qualities we can expect to see in most any mature Christian. Of course, God has given the pastoral ministry specifically to men (women can't be a husband of one wife) and many people will suggest that a pastor should definitely be married or at least have been married in the past. God doesn't call everybody to be a pastor. Yet he calls people to be pastors regardless of their amount of charisma, regardless of their good looks, he calls people of a wide variety of ages, with no regard to racial or ethnic background. Our Lord raises up his servants where he wishes to do so. And they are appointed, as are the members of the Aaronic priesthood, to pray, to dispense God's forgiveness, and to acknowledge the true sacrifice, Christ our Lord, given on our behalf.

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