Thursday, May 5, 2011

Psalm 119.25-32, Exodus 25.1-22, Luke 5.17-39 - Lectionary for 5/5/11 - day of Frederick the Wise

Today is the commemoration of Frederick the Wise, Christian Elector of Saxony, during the early days of the Reformation.
Today's readings are Psalm 119.25-32, Exodus 25.1-22, and Luke 5.17-39.

We read today about the people bringing offerings to God. The offerings of the people prepare the way for them to have a means of worship in the Tabernacle. Now in the New Testament we see that God has given his offering to us, Jesus, who is our Tabernacle, moving among us and providing for healing, both physical healing and restoration of sinners to a free relationship with God. Jesus is with us. What do we bring to him? We bring our troubles, our weakness, our pain, our suffering. He takes that and cares for it all by his mercy.

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