Monday, May 23, 2011

Psalm 31.1-5, Leviticus 21.1-24, Luke 12.1-12 - Lectionary for 5/23/11

Today's readings are Psalm 31.1-5, Leviticus 21.1-24, and Luke 12.1-12.

We've often talked about the Law/Gospel paradigm on this blog. As a brief review, law statements in Scripture are what God demands we should do. Gospel statements are what God says he does on our behalf. We see a really good example of these next to each other in Luke 12.4-7. We're told first that we shouldn't fear anyone except God, who is able to condemn people to hell. There's our law statement. It's a dreadful reality. The Bible speaks very openly about the reality of condemnation. Yet what are we to do when we end up fearful? What are we to do in the presence of this God who is able to destroy, who is truly worthy of fear? Our Gospel statement comes to the surface then. Our God, who is able to kill and destroy, is also the one who lovingly knows even the scarce commodity known as hairs on my head! We are of far more value to God than the sparrows, or than our hairs, things which are seemingly inconsequential. This is true Gospel. It's good news. It's nothing that we do, simply what God does. May we rejoice today in the giver of all good gifts.

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