Friday, May 27, 2011

Psalm 119.33-40, Leviticus 26.1-20, Luke 13.18-35 - Lectionary for 5/27/11

Today's readings are Psalm 119.33-40, Leviticus 26.1-20, and Luke 13.18-35.

Throughout our reading today we see God's call to repentant obedience and faith in God. We see the great blessing of God upon his people when they turn to him. What's the response that we sinful men give to God's grace? Look with me at Luke 13. 34-35. We refuse God's nurture and correction. We refuse his protection. We flee from the safety found under God's wings. We prefer to wander on our own, making or breaking our own lives, following our own priorities. For that reason we find that our house is forsaken. We reject God and he allows his blessing to pass us by.

May the Lord turn our hearts to him in repentance. May we be blessed to desire the lovingkindness of our Lord and Savior who eagerly desires to gather us and care for us with all his divine power. May we not look around and see that we have been forsaken by the one we forsook.

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