Friday, May 20, 2011

Psalm 119.1-8, Leviticus 18.1-7, 20-19.8, Luke 11.1-13 - Lectionary for 5/20/11

Today's readings are Psalm 119.1-8, Leviticus 18.1-7, 20-19.8, and Luke 11.1-13.

What confidence do we have in our Lord? We see when we look into God's Word that we are lawbreakers. We may try, and try very hard, to keep the commands which God has given. But ultimately we fail, time and again. Especially when we see that true righteousness comes from a pure heart, pure motives, and a spirit which loves the Lord wholly, as we read in yesterday's readings, we see that we fall short of the mark.

Do we have confidence then? Yes we do, and it's a great deal of confidence. We think of the love that fathers have for their children, that they will normally work for the good of their children, to protect and nurture them, to provide them with what they need. At lunch time, a father doesn't give his child a rock and a venomous snake. He gives him some sort of food. Yet we see that we human fathers do not love our children as God loves, for his love is perfect. How does God love us? He loves us so much that he will give the Holy Spirit - God himself, living in us, when we ask him.

Lord, grant us your Holy Spirit.

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