Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Psalm 99.1-5, Exodus 24.1-18, Luke 5.1-16 - Lectionary for 5/4/11 - commemoration of Friedrich Wyneken

Today is the commemoration of Friedrich Wyneken, a 19th century Lutheran missionary to the United States.
Today's readings are Psalm 99.1-5, Exodus 24.1-18, and Luke 5.1-16.

In Exodus and in Luke today we see God calling people to himself and caring for them. Not only do the elders of Israel go into the presence of God without perishing, they are provided for in food and drink. Not only does Jesus reveal himself with his people, he also calls his disciples to be with him and spread his word. He even feeds the disciples with a great catch of fish, bringing them profit that they would not have had otherwise.

Our God is the kind of God who cares for his servants. He provides what we need and sends us with a commission to carry out in his name - and that commission is bringing the gospel of peace to the world. Jesus Christ has done what is needed to carry away the sin and suffering of the world. Let us look to him in faith.

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