Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Psalm 25.1-10, Leviticus 10.1-20, Luke 9.37-62 - Lectionary for 5/17/11

Today's readings are Psalm 25.1-10, Leviticus 10.1-20, and Luke 9.37-62.

Our reading from Leviticus puts me in mind of the first petition of the Lord's Prayer. "Hallowed be thy name." The work of the priests was designed to show God's glory and holiness. Their garments, their tools, their actions, all that they said and did was prescribed by God and had symbolic importance. It all pointed to the holiness of the God who has provided a means of forgiveness. We don't know how, though many people assume from the words of verse 9 that Nadab and Abihu may have been drunk, but somehow they decided to do something which went counter to the commands of God. They made an offering which God had not promised to bless and which he had not told them to make. This resulted in their destruction.

The holy God of all is quite clear in requiring perfection. For this reason, he has not only demanded a perfect offering for the sin of man, the death of the perfect man, but, knowing that we cannot provide what he demands, he has provided his own offering, Jesus Christ, God the Son. It is not by our works or by our righteousness that we can approach God. It is only through Jesus, the one God has appointed. Let us look with thanksgiving to our Lord who has provided according to his righteousness what we need to approach him in holiness.

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