Sunday, May 15, 2011

Psalm 45.4-8a, Leviticus 8.1-13, 30-36, Luke 9.1-17 - Lectionary for 5/15/11

Today's readings are Psalm 45.4-8a, Leviticus 8.1-13, 30-36, and Luke 9.1-17.

Our collection of readings today works together in a very interesting way. The Psalmist talks about God riding out in victory. If we take that as our overall focus, we see how God shows his victorious presence. He anoints the Levitical priesthood for service, providing them with the holiness they need to minister before God, washing them and anointing them, providing them with the food they are to eat. Then in Luke we see Jesus sending out the twelve apostles with authority to preach the Gospel and to heal. Apparently not considering that to be the end of his work, Jesus takes his apostles and heals and feeds a great multitude of people. This is God's victory. He comes to his people in their need. He provides them with the healing and forgiveness they need. Then he gives them their daily bread, showing that he will care for them day after day. As long as God is the victorious God, the needs of his people will be met.

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