Saturday, May 21, 2011

Psalm 36.7-12, Leviticus 19.9-18, 26-37, Luke 11.14-36 - Lectionary for 5/21/11 - commemoration of Constantine and Helena, mother of Constantine

Today is the commemoration of Constantine, the Christian emperor, and Helena, his mother.
Today's readings are Psalm 36.7-12, Leviticus 19.9-18, 26-37, and Luke 11.14-36.

We recently read about loving your neighbor as yourself. See in Leviticus how there are many specific ways listed to love one's neighbor. See also today the way Jesus shows love for his neighbors, bringing healing, warning them against danger they can have, proclaiming them blessed by God, and promising his deliverance.

How has Jesus loved you? How are we doing at seeing that Jesus is the God who has come to be our neighbor and who has shown his love for us? I pray that we may all take some time of thanksgiving today, realizing how great our Lord's love for us has been.

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