Sunday, May 22, 2011

Psalm 37.1-9, Leviticus 20.1-16, 22-27, Luke 11.37-54 - Lectionary for 5/22/11

Today's readings are Psalm 37.1-9, Leviticus 20.1-16, 22-27, and Luke 11.37-54.

Our reading from Psalms today tells us not to worry about evildoers. They will do their evil things and God will be the judge of them. It strikes me that it is easy to worry about what people can do to us. We seem bent on protecting ourselves from every manner of harm, every sort of chaos, every physical danger we might face. Not content with personal safety measures, we even have governmental efforts to protect us from dangerous substances, now increasingly including particular types of food and drinks which may not even be harmful in themselves. We ultimately can become so intent on guarding ourselves and others we know and love from harm that we cause harm to our society through our protectivenes.

Where do we place our trust? Is it in our door locks? Is it in our nutritional analysis? Is it in our education? Is it in our representative government? Is it in our Lord? May we depend on the Lord to watch over the affairs of this world. He alone truly knows what he is doing. He alone truly knows what is best for his people.

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