Monday, May 9, 2011

Psalm 80.1-7, Exodus 33.1-23, Luke 7.1-17 - Lectionary for 5/9/11 Commemoration of Job

Today's readings are Psalm 80.1-7, Exodus 33.1-23, and Luke 7.1-17.
Today is the commemoration of Job.

The Psalmist asks when God will come to deliver his people. Moses likewise, though he himself is brought into God's presence, acts as a mediator of God's glory. God does not show himself to the people wholesale. Yet he has promised that he will deliver Israel. He has brought them out of the captivity in Egypt. Jesus, God in the flesh, goes around working miracles of healing. Yet the people he brings back to life and health in the Gospels die again. When will God deliver his people?

We live in a world that can be characterized by the words "now" and "not yet." Salvation is completed in the person and work of Jesus. Eternal life is now, by belief on Jesus. There is nothing hindering us from seeing that eternal life which has been promised. Or is there? If our Lord doesn't do something to change the normal course of events, we're all going to suffer in this world, then die. We don't seem to have eternity just yet. Though it has been purchased, and though our Lord delivers it by grace through faith, there's still a "not yet" element to it.

Let us not fear. Has our Lord gone through suffering and death on our behalf? Is he not capable of bringing us safely through it as well? He most certainly is. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

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