Sunday, May 29, 2011

Psalm 135.13-21, Numbers 3.1-16, 39-48, Luke 14.25-15.10 - Lectionary for 5/29/11

Today's readings are Psalm 135.13-21, Numbers 3.1-16, 39-48, and Luke 14.25-15.10.

Jesus tells us that it is very costly to follow him. We leave all we have and go to follow him. Yet how costly is this to him? Like the woman who searches eagerly for the lost coin or like the shepherd who goes to retrieve his lost sheep, Jesus comes to us while we are lost. He claims us as his own, at great expense to himself, laying his very life down on our behalf, to ransom us from death and destruction. Do not fear the cost of following Jesus. Rejoice that Jesus considers you worth the cost of redemption.

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