Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bridges, 2008, Chapter 2 "Is God in Control?

Chapter 2 “Is God in Control?” pp. 23-33

In this second chapter Bridges brings up the question of God’s sovereignty. Counter to authors such as Rabbi Harold Kushner, who popularly claims that troubles in our lives are outside of God’s control, the Bible points to God’s loving care for all aspects of our lives. Suffering and pain do exist in this world, but not apart from God’s sovereign control.

His power and goodness together add up to providence. Though we may prefer only to refer to God’s providence when what we see as good happens, the Bible shows God as being involved in our lives even when we find life difficult. Bridges, in the tradition of J.i. Packer, identifies God’s providence as his sovereign care which leads always to his glory and our good. The two are inseparable, for God is good to his people.

Those who deny God’s providence in hard times fail to see that God always sustains his creation. He is involved in every aspect of the world. And God has always cared for our circumstances. The fact that we don’t always understand his actions or intent does not make God weak or evil. It simply means we don’t see the depth of his care for us. He is, in fact, intimately involved in our lives, good, and sovereign. We can trust God because he is in control.

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