Thursday, December 5, 2013

Willimon, 1984 Chapter 7 "Text and Context: Sermon Planning and Evaluation"

Chapter 7 “Text and Context: Sermon Planning and Evaluation” pp. 91-101

This chapter consists of two main thrusts. First, Willimon talks about sermon illustrations, then he turns attention to evaluation of preaching. As regards illustrations, Willimon urges the preacher to be sure every illustration or anecdote pushes the point desired. A sermon illustration is never to make the pastor, family, or a counselee a hero. It is always to help the listener find the living point of a statement of Scripture. He suggests various ways to collect and store materials according to biblical passages or topics.

In terms of evaluation, Willimon suggests meeting regularly with or providing a feedback form for selected members of the congregation. By gathering rather precise feedback it is often possible to improve various aspects of preaching.

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