Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sermon for 12/4/13 "What's in a Name?"

Isaiah 62, Colossians 1

What’s in a name?
 People adopt names for use on the Internet sometimes.
 “Christian” name
 Change of name at marriage
 Corporate entity
 when a pet becomes a family member
 the chair with a name

Isaiah 62
 Sought Out
Colossians 1

How does this re-naming happen?
God has loved his world, his creation, the people he created.
 separated by sin
By his coming as a human, Jesus, God the Son, we are confronted with
 Immanuel, God with us
 Jesus, the deliverer
 Messiah, the anointed one
As we trust in Jesus, he adopts us. We become
 sought out
 married - taken to his side
 holy - set apart
 redeemed - bought back from destruction
 reconciled - put into a right relationship
What’s your name?

Lord, take us who were not your people and make us see our name, our identity, our hope in you. Flood our world with the hope that you give, the adoption as your children, our eternal destiny.

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