Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bridges, 2008. Chapter 5, "God's Rule over the Nations"

Chapter 5, “God’s Rule over the Nations” pp. 79-98

God’s sovereignty over nations and rulers is well established in the Bible. The idea may seem remote from our lives, but it is actually important. Guarding (and sometimes establishing) freedom to live as a Christian is of great importance. Even in “secular” situations we can realize that governments make good or bad decisions under God’s control. This manifestation of God’s sovereignty is not always clear. Yet is is there. The Gospels and Acts show many situations where a government and its officials unwillingly fulfilled prophecy.

1) God establishes government for the good of all people. Therefore, we pray for rulers.

2) God determines who rules in government. How they glorify God may be a mystery, but they do accomplish God’s purpose.

3) God determines the limits of government.

God also rules the decisions rulers make. Sometimes the decisions are wise and sometimes foolish. All are made freely and at God’s command. Christians trust that God is still caring for his children. We pray for our leaders and do what we can to influence them.

God is also the ruler in military actions. We therefore trust God, not our military force.

God’s sovereign rule over nations is greater than we normally imagine. We need to pray and trust God to spread the Gospel through all nations.

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