Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tillich, 1948, chapter 5 "Meditation: The Mystery of Time"

Chapter 5 “Meditation: The Mystery of Time” pp. 34-37

Time is both easily understood and unspeakably mysterious. The more we try to analyze and explain it the less we understand it.

Three mysteries of time:
1) power to devour
2) power to receive eternity
3) power to drive to an end

1) The present is all we actually have, yet it slips away instantly. In the stream of time, thepresent is an intersection between past and future. It is almost something unreal.

2) Time in the present becomes real to us as eternity breaks in and holds our perception of time to more than one point.

3) Time always looks toward a future which finally has only one goal, the Kingdom of God. This is the new creation toward which time is running.

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