Monday, December 9, 2013

Brueggemann, 2001, Chapter 7 "A Note on the Practice of Ministry"

Chapter 7 “A Note on the Practice of Ministry” pp. 115-119

Brueggemann summarizes his argument as follows. Moses’ prophetic work criticized the establishment of Pharaoh, energizing God’s people toward freedom. These reforms were too radical. In the establishment of kings, Israel reasserted the royal principles of Egypt. jeremiah put the monarchy to death, expressing mourning. Isaiah gave hope and saw Israel’s joy reborn. Jesus laid death and despair to rest, bringing life and hope. This work of ministry is done in every age. Through the prophetic ministry we seek four dimensions. First, we evoke an alternative community. Second, we build a consistently biblical worldview. Third, we penetrate numbness and grief. Finally, we penetrate despair, giving true hope. This move, essentially from death to life, is exactly what Jesus always brings. It is our job to act as his instruments to deliver it to our world.

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