Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tillich, 1948. Chapter 11, "The Yoke of Religion"

Chapter 11, “The Yoke of Religion” pp. 93-103

Matthew 11:25-30

Jesus calls us to come to him for rest from our labor and heavy burdens. What of people who don’t seem to be burdened?

What is the labor? What is His yoke? Why does only he give rest?

Jesus does not say he will take away our daily life’s burdens. Sometimes the Christian life involves greater burdens. But he takes away the burden of religion, the yoke of the law. Jesus teaches us to trust him, not our own obedience.

We cast off the yoke of the law but we need some sort of yoke. We are not good at being completely free. When we free ourself from constraints we always take on more strict ones. Jesus puts his yoke on us. It is easy. It is “above the law” (p. 99). This is a new reality. Jesus has saved us from above. We are grasped by true good, coming from Jesus.

Jesus is the only one who can make this claim in our lives. He has conquered religion. He is someone to whom Christianity should witness. Our job is to forget all our doctrines and what is demanded of us, rather accepting his love, justice and truth. Jesus is the end of religion. He is the one who has reached us.

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