Monday, December 2, 2013

Sermon for 12/1/13 Wake Up! The King Is Coming! Romans 13

Romans 13

Hard to wake up
Hard-hitting days, short nights, long way to travel, too much work to do.
But the time has come
What were we doing? What kept us up?
 our own struggles wear us out
   “the Wal-Mart lady”
 struggle with sin and temptation
 struggle with past
 fears of the future
But the time has come
We were able to stay alert enough in those struggles. What’s our response after them?
 snooze button
 pull the covers up
 hide out “a little longer”
How long do we intend to sleep? The time of the Lord is at hand!
The time has come
 time of salvation
 time of hope
 time of forgiveness
 time of restoration
Get up, walk as in the daytime
 Jesus is our light
 Jesus is our salvation
 Jesus is our message
 Jesus has overcome our sin, our temptation, our fear, our past, even our future
 God’s Word is a light to our feet

How will I be strong enough for that walk? It’s a long walk! It’s a hard walk!
 Jesus has come
 He will supply our every need
 When we fall he will lift us up
 When we are weak he is strong
 When we fear he reminds us he has conquered all the sin of the world
 Jesus saves us by washing our sin away
 Jesus builds us up by the spoken and written word
 Jesus nourishes our faith with his forgiveness given in communion
 Jesus surrounds us with the people of Christ
 Walk with us in the Church! Jesus is here.

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