Friday, December 6, 2013

Tillich, 1948, Chapter 6 "The Escape from God"

Chapter 6 “The Escape from God” pp. 38-51

Psalm 139

How can we ever escape the presence of God? This inescapability is precisely what makes God be God.
 Idealists may think they could rise up and escape.
 Those who long for death cannot escape.
 Our world tries to rush here and there - no escape.
Would we flee the god of our own making? No. he is like us.
It is the true God from whom we would hide.
The true God knows us completely, beginning to end.

Theological terminology often talks about God in terms of “omnipresence” and “omniscience.” This leaves us in the realm of speculation. We are left with ideas about God instead of the presence and knowledge of God. The Christian life is not about a theory, but about a person. We know that God knows us intimately and is always with us. This confronts us with our sin. It gives us reason to fear.

As the Psalmist reflects on God’s knowledge of him and care for him, he is moved to awe and wonder. God cares for his people. There is finally no need to fear.

Near the end of the Psalm, the author realizes again his sinfulness. It brings fear. Knowing God’s love, he asks for deliverance.

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