Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tillich, 1948, Chapter 7 "The Depth of Existence"

Chapter 7 “The Depth of Existence” pp. 52-63

2 Corinthians 2:10; Psalm 130:1
Our meditation is about “depth”
 depth transferred from space to a spiritual quality
2 meanings - opposite of . . .
 shallow - truth deep not shallow
 high - suffering is deep not high
Both are contrasted to the surface, first appearance
That which doesn’t disappoint is below the surface
 Digging below the surface causes upheaval.
 Good to look below our own surface
 Often we only look at our surface.
God is the depth, the foundation of all.
 We find that depth as we look at others around us.
 The depth of God may be “hope” for us, maybe history, it varies from person to person.
Most of us find it safer to avoid that depth.
 We think it complicated when in fact it is simple.

 Depth, in fact, is dangerous, which is why Jesus calls those who endure it “blessed.”

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