Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Psalm 105.5-11, Genesis 35.1-29, Mark 9.33-50 - Lectionary for 3/29/11

Today's readings are Psalm 105.5-11, Genesis 35.1-29, and Mark 9.33-50.

Our readings today are full of doubt and confusion. Jacob's wife dies, leaving him at least momentarily in doubt about God's good provision. Jesus faces disputes among his apostles. The apostles see situations they can't manage by themselves. And Jesus tells just how bad it is when we do what makes others stumble.

As our Psalmist reminds us, through the easy times and the difficult times, God always remembers his covenant with his people. He has made promises and sworn on his own account, calling himself to account if he does not keep his promises. There is none greater than God. If he says he will care for his people, if he says he will redeem his people, if he says he can protect them through all their struggles, indeed he can do so or he is not the great God almighty. 

Let us look to our Lord in faith. He is indeed the covenant-keeping Lord.

Dave Spotts
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