Sunday, March 13, 2011

Psalm 79.5-9, Genesis 4.1-26, Mark 2.18-28 - Lectionary for 3/13/11

Today's readings are Psalm 79.5-9, Genesis 4.1-26, and Mark 2.18-28.

As I was reading today's passages, the Law and Gospel elements in Genesis 4 struck me. See how God presses Cain with his Law over and over again. Cain's sacrifice was not acceptable. His response to the unacceptable sacrifice was not acceptable. His action toward his brother was not acceptable. His response to God's questioning was not acceptable. Again and again he met with God's displeasure. When did the Gospel come into effect? When Cain had no more recourse to his own actions he pleaded with God for mercy. That broken and contrite heart is the acceptable sacrifice in which our Lord is delighted. This was a pleasing offering to God. 

God's demands, being demands for perfection, always serve to crush our self-sufficiency. It is only when we are at the end of ourselves and we call out to God for help that we see the Gospel, which has been there for us since the start. May we have grace to see God's mercy this day.

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