Monday, March 28, 2011

Psalm 38.13-15, 21-22, Genesis 29.1-30, Mark 9.14-32 - Lectionary for 3/28/11

Today's readings are Psalm 38.13-15, 21-22, Genesis 29.1-30, and Mark 9.14-32.

In our Psalm for today we see the Psalmist dumbstruck. When we look at our plans and what God has done we should be left speechless as well. Why in the world did we do what we did? Sometimes there's nothing to do but shake our heads and wonder. In Genesis God works Jacob's life out quite differently from the way Jacob planned it. In Mark the man whose child is traumatized by the demon wonders if his child will survive having the demon cast out. But God is God and he works according to his plan, according to his good pleasure. In the final analysis we see that the Lord who created the heaven and earth and all things in it is able to govern them very well. It is we who go astray, not God. so we stand and shake our heads at our own folly, wondering at God's provision. 

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