Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Psalm 126, Genesis 21.1-21, Mark 6.35-56 - Lectionary for 3/22/11

Today's readings are Psalm 126, Genesis 21.1-21, and Mark 6.35-56.

How do we react when God keeps his gracious promises? Sometimes we seem to think that God isn't even real. We look at his promises and think they are a good idea but won't really happen. We think about salvation by grace through faith as if it is a good theory. We confess the resurrection from the dead but act as if we will never die and as if death is the end of the world.

In today's readings we see another picture. May the Lord conform our minds to this biblical picture. We rejoice at God's deliverance. He puts us where he wants to provide for us and we are struck speechless because of his mercy. We see the child of promise and we cannot help but celebrate him. We see Jesus' physical provision, his supernatural protection on his disciples, his healing power for the sick and we look to him in faith and hope, a desperate hope which runs to meet and find him no matter the effort it takes. May the Lord give us this active belief in him.

Dave Spotts
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