Saturday, March 26, 2011

Psalm 2.7-9, Genesis 27.1-29, Mark 8.22-38 - Lectionary for 3/26/11

Today's readings are Psalm 2.7-9, Genesis 27.1-29, and Mark 8.22-38.

Sometimes the truth is pretty hard to swallow. If Isaac had known the truth about the person he was blessing - Jacob instead of Esau, he would have had something quite different to say. Likewise, when we start to realize the truth about Jesus, sometimes it is hard for us to handle. Quite the contrary to Jacob, Jesus is no deceiver, as we see from his treatment of the blind man. Unlike Jacob, Jesus approaches the blind man to bring him healing and grace.

What of the truth we discover with Peter, as we realize that Jesus is the Christ? We see that he is going to give his life, to suffer and die on our behalf, that he is the one who claims to be the only way to true life, the only one who truly opens our eyes to reality. We don't like this. Like Peter, we begin to rebuke our Lord. Yet he confirms his nature, his identity, his mission in his death and resurrection. Jesus truly is the Christ. May he give us eyes to see him rightly.

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