Thursday, March 17, 2011

Psalm 107.23-32, Genesis 11.27-12.20, Mark 4.21-41 - Lectionary for 3/17/11

Today is St. Patrick's Day.
Today's readings are Psalm 107.23-32, Genesis 11.27-12.20, and Mark 4.21-41.

The life of Saint Patrick of Ireland is illustrative of today's Bible readings. Kidnapped from his home in Britain, he was taken as a slave to Ireland. Having escaped from that enslavement and fled to France, Patrick received training for Christian ministry and then returned to Ireland as a missionary. While he was in a foreign land God used him to guard the Gospel, establishing a solid foothold for Christ in a land where he had not been known before. Ireland then served as a place where God protected this same Gospel through much of the Medieval period, counter to much erosion of the Christian faith which was happening on the European continent.

In our readings we see a Psalm about people in trouble crying out to God. We see in Genesis that Abram is sent to a far away place, bringing the knowledge of God with him. In Mark we see that the light of the world cannot be hidden, that Jesus is greater than all the challenges that might come against us. Let us look today in faith to this very same Lord who is able to keep in us that salvation he has given us by grace through faith.

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