Saturday, March 19, 2011

Psalm 32.1-5, Genesis 15.1-21, Mark 5.21-43 - Lectionary for 3/19/11

Today's readings are Psalm 32.1-5, Genesis 15.1-21, and Mark 5.21-43.

There's a surprising relief that we feel when we confess and are forgiven, when we plead for mercy and God sends someone to touch us and proclaim God's promised mercy, when someone actually does something in response to our fears. Often today it seems we are engulfed by a sort of cerebral and symbolic Christianity. We wouldn't want to confess our sins to one another and receive forgiveness because we know that if we confess our sins to the Lord he will forgive us. Yet sometimes we end up wondering, we end up with some doubt. Let's not undervalue the expression of forgiveness that our Lord grants through his people. What if someone confesses sins to you? God has granted forgiveness. Time for you to express that as well. It won't make a difference in God's forgiveness, but it might make a difference to the person who is confessing.

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