Saturday, March 26, 2011

Psalm 129, Genesis 27.30-45, 28.10-22, Mark 9.1-13 - Lectionary for 3/27/11

Today's readings are Psalm 129, Genesis 27.30-45, 28.10-22, and Mark 9.1-13.

Today we read of transfigurations. Jesus is changed before Peter, James and John, revealing his glory. Jacob has been raised to a position of authority which he really could not have expected. The Psalmist observes that though his enemies have trampled and harmed him, God has broken their power.

Do we truly look to the transforming grace of God in Christ? Do we actually believe that God the Son is able to exalt us to the right hand of the Father with him? Do we really believe that Jesus, by his life, death and resurrection on our behalf has taken the penalty of sin and broken its authority over us? These things which we apprehend now by faith, one day we will apprehend by sight. May we look forward to that day with eager expectation.

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