Friday, March 25, 2011

Psalm 118.19-24, Genesis 24.32-52, 61-67, Mark 8.1-21 - Lectionary for 3/25/11 - The Anunciation of Our Lord

Today is the Day of the Anunciation of Our Lord.
Today's readings are Psalm 118.19-24, Genesis 24.32-52, 61-67, and Mark 8.1-21.

God has announced to his people the good news which they need. The deliverer is promised, to be born, to live, to die, and to rise again bringing forgiveness of sins. The Psalmist rejoices that God has brought salvation, opening the gates of righteousness. Abraham's servant rejoices that God has directed his paths so he can complete his task, a task of bringing a wife for his godly master. The multitudes that Jesus feeds rejoice that he has miraculously brought the sustenance they need. Likewise we can look to our Lord in faith, knowing that he provides all we need.

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