Thursday, March 31, 2011

Psalm 106.44-48, Genesis 39.1-23, Mark 10.13-31 - Lectionary for 3/31/11 - Joseph, Patriarch

Today is the day of Joseph, Patriarch.
Today's readings are Psalm 106.44-48, Genesis 39.1-23, and Mark 10.13-31.

Today, the day of Joseph, the Patriarch, we happen to be reading about him in Genesis 39. See how Joseph is faithful to God and the Lord raises him to positions of great leadership and influence. No matter what happens to him, whether he is being sold into slavery, serving as a slave in the household, or being unjustly imprisoned, Joseph is a recipient of God's blessing.

Likewise, in Christ, we see that we endure all manner of distress in the name of the Lord, but we have a confidence that God is with us, that Jesus has taken away our sin and guilt, and that he has appointed his people to eternal life and blessing. Let us look to our Lord and Savior Jesus, who has risen from the dead and will confirm us in the certain hope of everlasting life.

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