Friday, March 4, 2011

Psalm 2.1-6, 10-12, Job 36.1-21, John 11.38-57 - Lectionary for 3/4/11

Today's readings are Psalm 2.1-6, 10-12, Job 36.1-21, and John 11.38-57.

Psalm 2 tells about the futility of trusting in human kings. It tells how powerless people who rise up against God really are. Do we want a demonstration of this? Look no farther than our Gospel lesson for today. We find Jesus, whose word of command is more powerful than death itself. We find that the Pharisees are worried that people will believe in Jesus and it will move the Roman government to action. We find Jesus, whose life situation makes Caiaphas the high priest proclaim a prophecy about the sufficiency of Jesus' death. We see Jesus, who stirs everyone to action and yet goes about his mission of living and dying for his people. No, we don't trust in kings. We trust in Jesus, the one who can move kings.

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