Monday, March 7, 2011

Psalm 121, Job 40.1-24, John 12.36b-50 - Lectionary for 3/7/11 - Perpetua and Felicitas

Today's readings are Psalm 121, job 40.1-24, and John 12.36b-50.
Today is the commemoration of Perpetua and Felicitas, Martyrs

We often hear Psalm 121 quoted, suggesting that we should go to the hills where we will find help. This idea would actually be foreign to the original audience of the Psalms. The hills are the dangerous place where all sorts of evil people are lurking, just waiting to rob and kill you. You lift your eyes to the hills, watching and hoping nobody comes from the hills to hurt you. We don't find help in the hills, or, for that matter, from the people in the valleys or on the plains. We find help from the Lord, who will guard his people from all harm. We get the idea that our Lord is trustworthy in this regard as we read our selection from Job and see that God lovingly knows what all sorts of wild creatures, deadly to people, might be doing. He is able to care for them. He is also able to care for us. Yet once again we are left asking how this can happen. Looking at our reading from John's Gospel we see that God's mercy is poured out on those who look to him in faith and hope. We believe the Lord, looking for his glory, and we see God the Father. And this is God's good pleasure. Jesus came into the world for this very reason, that he might save the world. Let us therefore look to our Lord, receiving the eternal life which he delights to pour out upon us.

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